Our mission is to bridge the gap between education and industry by providing students with the credentials and skills needed to secure well-paying jobs in Idaho’s high growth industries while giving businesses access to a qualified pipeline of employees. By connecting the dots between student and employer needs, we put successful careers within reach of students and help Idaho employers find the right candidates to fill high growth, high demand jobs right here in Idaho.

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Idaho PTECH {p-tek} first opened its doors to students as a pilot program in September of 2014. It was originally modeled after a program of the same name in Brooklyn, NY. That program involved one employer, IBM, who partnered with a nearby school to create a talent pipeline of future employees. We adapted this idea to meet the needs of Idaho's uniquely rural landscape, and partnered with many Idaho companies, offering career pathway options in Idaho's highest growth industries: technology, aerospace/advanced manufacturing, and healthcare.

In an effort to reach the majority of Idaho’s future workforce, PTECH offered enrolled students workforce-based experiences, remote coaching, academic advising (including dual credit courses), and a guaranteed post-secondary scholarship to specific programs - including technical certificate(s) and applied associate degrees - within the three pathways. The original PTECH stood for Pathways in Technology, Early College High School.  

As PTECH grew and learned what resonated with Idaho students, our program adapted. PTECH learned that students want the opportunity to explore all kinds of future careers. Idaho’s future workforce comes with a built in curiosity. So, in 2016, PTECH added additional career exploration opportunities, not limited to the three pathways. While keeping our popular experiences - including conferences, camps, specialized training, and field trips - PTECH developed a Career Map designed with the career discovery process in mind. Students continue to meet with a PTECH coach at specific checkpoints on the Map and are eligible to apply for competitive post-secondary scholarships. These scholarships are based on their engagement with PTECH and the development of a career plan that will lead to a well-paying job. PTECH now stands for Pathways To Early Career High School to reflect this change in philosophy. 

As PTECH continues to adapt, we look to ways to help students increase their employability skills through specialized soft skills training. We are focused on helping the right student get the right training to find the right job - thereby creating a talent pipeline for Idaho industries. PTECH has been generously funded by the J.A. and Kathryn Albertson Family Foundation, who is looking forward to a bright future for Idaho.



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