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Innovative Projects
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Here are a few project currently being brainstormed, tested or piloted with industry, community and school partners. For more information on any of these projects, contact Executive Director, Alan Millar, at


Lab #1:


As part of a statewide collaboration between Quest Aircraft, NIC, the Idaho Department of Labor and CTE, PTECH is helping create a custom talent pipeline that will prepare local high school graduates for a growing number of assembly jobs at the Sandpoint manufacturing facility. The training will be provided by the North Idaho College Workforce Training Center and will be a mix of specific technical skills and employability skills including problem solving, teamwork and communication. The program trains high school graduates to become aircraft assemblers, with the potential to work at Quest starting at $12.55/hour.

Graduates will receive micro-certificates in aviation manufacturing as well as workplace excellence. These micro-certificates are transportable, industry-recognized credentials that are also intended to qualify for college credits based on their level of proficiency if the graduates need more education in order to advance in the aerospace industry. 

This program is in collaboration with Quest Aircraft, the NIC Workforce Development Program, the Idaho Department of Labor who is helping to fund the effort, and CTE who is providing certificates and curriculum for the program. PTECH served as the connector, helping to recruit students and support them through the program.

About Quest Aircraft:
Quest Aircraft produces the rugged Kodiak aircraft, and expects to roll the 200th Kodiak off the assembly lines this September. Last fall the company began construction of a 75,000 square foot facility expansion, and is preparing for aggressive growth, with plans to expand production to 100 planes per year. This will require a larger work force – including 40-50 new assembly workers over the next nine months -- and the PTECH program will help local graduates be first in line for these new jobs starting at $12.55 per hour. 

Three students completed the first round of coursework and hands-on training during the summer of 2016. Left to right: Mark Kennaly, James Cope, Alex Miller

Three students completed the first round of coursework and hands-on training during the summer of 2016. Left to right: Mark Kennaly, James Cope, Alex Miller

Lab #2:



We are working with InsideTrack to develop different models to help make career coaching available to Idaho high school students outside of the PTECH program. We are currently sharing our ideas with the business community, key stakeholders and policy makers. 

To test the coaching model that's already successfully been deployed with PTECH students,  we are utilizing our unused coaching capability this  semester to work with 50 students outside of the PTECH program. We will provide these students with 6-8 coaching sessions that will help them hone in on their interests, skills and long-term goals in order to choose a career.

 Since 2001, InsideTrack has used a proven combination of coaching, analytics, consulting and technology to unlock potential in 1 million+ students and 850+ academic programs. Studies show that students that have access to a trained career coach/mentor and have a clear pathway beyond high school have a higher success rate in education and job achievement.

Lab #3: 



In partnership with One Stone, we organized a first-of-its-kind immersive experience for students in the technology pathway. Students spent a weekend at Trailhead Boise working on coding skills, leadership and teamwork, and real-world skills like how to write a resume. Students also spent an afternoon with local tech professionals, where they learned about jobs in the industry and had all their questions answered from, "how much money will I make in your job?" to "what kinds of skills do I need - aside from education - to work for your company?"

The focus of this event was to teach students what industry wants: employees with strong soft skills like problem-solving, leadership, ability to collaborate and creative thinking. Stay tuned for a video recap of the event and information on more experiential learning lab opportunities.

Lab #4:

Albertsons retail management certificate PROGRAM

Tech, aerospace, healthcare and... retail?

PTECH is partnering with Albertsons and the Nampa School District to pilot a new Retail Management Certificate program. 

A small number of high school students from the Nampa School District will be selected to work for Albertsons in Nampa, take free online retail management courses through Umpqua Community College, and work toward a Retail Management Certificate.

retail management certificate

The program will work like similar PTECH pathways, in that students will have the opportunity to work while at the same time taking college courses and completing a certificate that enables them to move into higher paying positions in the company. 

Albertsons is one of the largest food retailers in the United States. Their mission is to run really great stores and provide great customer service. They not only promote on-the-job training, but help employees grow and move up within the company.