PTECH has partnered with Idaho companies to give you the chance to learn practical skills and explore what life after school could look like. PTECH offers Idaho high school students like you the tools to create a career path you can feel good about following. Turn raw talent and passion into know-how and a great future. Apply today to get started, or read on to learn more.


If you aren't sure about your plans after high school or just want to learn more about what careers are out there for you, we're here to help!

what's in it for me?

PTECH is what you make of it. We provide you with opportunities to explore Idaho careers and build a plan for your future, but the hard work is up to you. At the minimum, you'll do some research and build a career plan. At most, you'll gain training and workplace skills that set you apart from the rest, earn a one- or two-year degree, and obtain a first shot at a good-paying job in one of Idaho's high growth industries like technology, healthcare, aerospace and advanced manufacturing. In a nutshell, you'll get:

  • CAREER exploration.
  • VIRTUAL coaching.

  • GUIDANCE in choosing the right training and/or education options for you.
  • ACCESS to industry pros through employer tours, networking events and conferences.
  • FIRST DIBS on a job in high-demand, high-growth Idaho industries.


Once you fill out the application, you'll be sent a login to the PTECH Community, an online forum where all your career planning tasks are completed and logged. You'll earn points with each activity you complete and be able to purchase PTECH swag and tech gear from the PTECH Marketplace. In addition to your online tasks, you'll have the opportunity to visit Idaho employers, network with business professionals and fellow students from across Idaho, participate in special events and conferences, have access to job training opportunities, and even apply for scholarships to help you accomplish your career goals. Here's a quick list of all the great things you can do with PTECH:

  • LEARN about yourself and available careers in Idaho.
  • BUILD your personal and professional networks.
  • DEVELOP a career (and life) plan you feel good about.
  • PARTICIPATE in camps, conferences, employer tours, internships, job shadows and special events.

  • TRAIN for a career you're interested in.

  • GET CONNECTED to Idaho job opportunities that excite you and pay (on average) $12/hour or more.

How do I apply?

At this time PTECH is not accepting applications.